Saturday, September 11, 2010

My first ever takeoff

"WTF, this is moving this slow" was my first reaction.It reached the main road where it would take off and stopped. It was simply making some noise without movement, maybe it was made to warm up the engine. Then came the adrenaline rush. It didn't last more than 5-8 secs but it was awesome.I wud like to hav it again and again.As I was just next to the wind I could watch how they were being moved to change the direction.I must agree aeroplane is a marvellous invention.I was showing to my closest friend who is also with me the city under.While he was watching the beauty of the lights glowing in the night I was observing if any of the vehicles stuck in the traffic were moving(no they weren't).I lost vision of the city lights as we gained heght and clouds were blocking the vision.They even turned off the lights of the was so nice until they turned on the lights(inside).Hmm oh I forgot to tell you about my neighbour.Will come to that later. Now they are asking if I wanted something to drink. They had vodka, jin, whiskey...I took apple juice.Never knew apple juice was of this color.Ya my neighbour she's in early 20's I guess.Wait a sec, they hav put some hindi movie of sonam kapoor. Iwas searching for the personal screen,only personal earphones were available for economy class I guess I suppose.I was telling you guys about personel screen and by the time I plugged in my earphone there was no more movie.Maybe it was jus a trailer. Some old dumb hindi song is being played.I tried many audio channels and reached 9 from 19 and now some punjabi couple is dancing funnily for a hard core rock song. I made them dance for every possible songs and supposed to be songs(some were no where near).
Now they are ramp walking for a very slow song in which I don't understand a single word, eventho a word sounded very close to 'ninagagi'. I got bored. Now am gonna start reading the novel which my fren had got and gave me on the way to airport after waiting in the road for more than an hour in the road. I put back the channel to the voice of video and started the latest novel of my fav author. He was thankin kaufman.The name rang a bell and I was lost.When I was back Akshay kumar was getting slapped by a monkey.He had thanked few more people for sharing their 'knowledge and expertise'.That took me to the reply I had got from BMW saying that they don't have any current openings matching to my 'knowledge and expertise'.Then came the food bringing me back to the present world.I couldn't continue reading with all that smell.I took veg meal.They had given knife and fork too.I was wondering that they will not allow anybody in the airport to carry knife and fork into the cabin, but they only will give them.I felt it funny.had some ginger bun or something with cheese like looking thing. Should have taken some drink but hadn't.Hmm then had some rice.I was getting a feeling that with this food it won't be hard for me to survive in thailand, But I will have to check the food in next flight to know if I can survive where I am going.Oh good I had some water.It was time for some sweet,filled with dry grapes and a cherry on top.We were about 31,000 ft above the ground and we were moving at 525MPH.I was feeling like a chef who is tasting dishes prepared for some competition.It was one of my dream jobs.To be an anchor or even the cameraman or the crue, who keeps going to all good places, stay in best hotels, have the best food.hehe..Then there was some fresh dressing in a packet and I knew all the contents in it,but It looked nothing close to anything I could imagine.It looked like a miniature dead jelly fish left in dirty water for many months.Did'n dare to open it.Had a tomato hoping it to be cherry.How can it be, when everything else with it was vegetable.Oh yeah tomato is a friut right!.enuf of eating.At the end found that there were packets of salt n pepper and a tooth pick which was useless for me.The gal next to me had slept off long back.Vil tell her story. oh wait some movie has started. Maybe the name of the movie is avatar as the word 'avatar' is being used too many times.Oh slumdog guy is here.Oh this is airbender movie as I had seen in the schedule for south asian flight.Will fill immigration form and watch the movie.
I dono what happened.I had half slept and was half awake.Didn watch the movie,didn even read the novel.Somewhere in the middle I remember seeing the movie end.I had closed my eyes,dono for how long.I was already homesick.Real bad.Darkness has this very bad effect on me.After some little time which seemed very long,for the one among very very few times,I wanted my journey to end.I could see the city lights.Bangkok is much better organised,I felt.I got up before my neighbour and walked away without even seeing her face properly.Will come to her story laterThe immigration is 550 mts from here.Eventhough there were travellers of 50mts.I still had to go on 11 travellers to get there.I got the transit point 200mts before only,so entered.Now the neighbour story.While entering I had slightly walked past my seat.When I came back I had kept my bag on the seat,so that it won't be in the way of others,when I was still keeping the other bag to cabin.She had thrown it down and hat sat down.I just took it and kept that also in cabin.Never bothered to even talk to her.